*****************************************************************************************  Did you know:  65% of Americans have had an ESP experience, 28% had a clairvoyant episode, 67% experienced feelings of deja vu, and 40% have had contact with the dead.

What is the difference between a ghost and a spirit?  A ghost is like a recording similar to an audio or video tape event. There is no life force left but some kind of emotional energy makes the ghost play the same scene over and over. This “groove” may stay in an area long after the person has moved on or died. The recording could be charged by human aura and the recording replays as if the event is real. Clothing and facial hair can be seen as well as perfumes or after shave can be smelled in the event. Over time this haunt will get weaker and weaker and only appear if the area is charged some way. A spirit on the other hand is the actual living essence (or soul) of a person that has remained after their physical body has died.

Can ghosts follow you home?  Ghosts are simply replays in time and do not follow you home. When you leave a haunted location, spirits generally do not go with you because they are grounded in that location for a reason. Reference the above paragraph on Ghosts vs. Spirits for further information.

Is it bad to taunt spirits?  Try not to joke or speak ill of the dead. Avoid sarcasm in haunted settings. It has been proven that our conscious attitude affects paranormal reality. To avoid unwanted circumstances do not tempt the spirits.

What is a poltergeist?  Poltergeist is a German word meaning “noisy spirit” and may have nothing to do with ghosts or spirits. The activity always seems to center around an individual, and is believed to be caused by the subconscious mind of that individual. It is what is known as “psychokinetic” activity from the projected energy of the psyche.

What is the difference between a “ghost hunt” and a “ghost investigation”? A ghost hunt is an informal visit to a location where there have been sightings of a ghost or activity. A ghost investigation is going to a haunted location and performing data collection, recordings, audio, and collecting interviews of clients who invited you for help. These locations usually require signed permission.

Are demons common?  Demons are not very common, but chances are if you stay in ghost-hunting long enough you will encounter one. Demons are usually encountered only after an individual or individuals have invited one into their lives in one fashion or another.  If you do not want a demon in your life then stay clear of spirit / ouija boards since they are major source of infection.

What is a Doppleganger?  It is a German word for “double goer” or spirit double. It is the spirit of a living person outside that person’s body. It is believed that it means imminent death to meet your doppelganger.

What is the most famous and well documented ghost photo ever taken? The photograph of the “Brown Lady”.    Lady Dorothy Townshend was locked away in a remote corner of Raynham Hall Mansion in Norfolk, England until she died around 1736. Rumor has it she was pushed to her death down the main staircase by her eccentric husband Charles Townshend. She was seen several times by very well known people like King George IV in the early 1800’s. Eyewitness accounts tell of a gliding women upstairs that acknowledges you, a women wearing a brown satin dress standing by the bed, and one account tells of a women with her eyes gouged out. The famous photograph was taken in 1936 by two men who noticed an ethereal veiled form coming slowly down the stairs. It was first published in the December 16th, 1936 edition of Country Life.

The photography plates were analyzed numerous times and stated as real.

What is a Vortex?
A Vortex is a spinning form of energy usually in the shape of a funnel. It is believed to be the two way door for spirits to enter and exit the area.

What is an ORB?
An ORB is believed to be the energy of a spirit that is left behind. They are normally translucent and can change the direction of path at will. Spirits manufacture their energy into ORB's when they need to move quickly or try to influence others energy. On rare occasions ORB's can take on colors to reflect mood.

What is a Shadow Figure?
This is one that is pretty much open in the paranormal field. The most popular belief is that they are spirits not capable of showing their true image. We tend to lean towards more mature spirits can show their true image. On the other hand the belief when if comes to ghosts is that the replay or aura of the area is starting to fade thus leaving only the dark image.


Can a haunting be removed?
Absolutely, we do it all the time! If you do not offer a client the way out of their fears then you are in the wrong field. The thing that holds most cleansings from being successful is the client. Sometimes they are unwilling to believe they have the power or unwilling to follow the steps given them for the next two days.
We have clients that have been free of their hauntings for several years now. Beware of groups that charge for cleansings or investigations if they are serious about helping.

Why me, why are they haunting me?
This is a very good question. First of all, in the majority of hauntings they are not haunting you but the location. This is the last good memory they had or their aura is trapped in the surroundings and simply replaying itself because your energy matches theirs and charges the area. If they do not respond to you then they are simply a ghost of what was. If they seem to notice you then they are a grounded spirit that refused to move on. If you seem to move from location to location and activity seems to follow then you are a beacon of lighthouse for paranormal activity. You have done something in your life to open the doors that call to them when you relocate. We simply work on closing those doors and turning the light out.

What are some of the causes of breaking down our spiritual shield?
Depression, Fear, Heavy Drug Use, Heavy Alcohol Use, Trauma, Child Abuse, Love to be Scared, Etc...
These are just a few of the more common ones but the list is much bigger.

Why are children not crossing over?
They may not know they are deceased or want to stay where they are happy. The one thing that we see in the field is that they are drawn to shrines that are put up on streets and fields where their favorite toys and pictures are displayed. They feel the love and it seems to keep them pulled to that area instead of crossing over.

Will you stay in touch with us after the investigation is over?
We continue to monitor your situation for 30 days after the closing and findings are revealed.
We then move your case to our closed file for reference anytime your call us. We are always here and do get back to clients all the time.

How can I keep my child from fearing his/her own room?
Child cases are tough and we feel that we are one of the premier groups when it comes to working them.
Every case is different and requires a specialist approach. Most the time we try to take care of the issue without the children in the home. We ask the parents to keep in touch with us and only relay information.

Are demons real?
Yes they are very real and if you continue to investigate as long as we have then you will run into one eventually. Not one paranormal investigator wants to deal with entities but it happens and we deal with it as it comes. We depend on our ministry to deal with them but sometimes we get in the firing line and folks get hurt. This is part of the job and we know this will affect each of us sometime.

Closets and Bathrooms, why are they always active?
 A closet is a hiding place. As a kid you would hide in the closet and they do the same. We also think they use the closet as a doorway into the house. Bathrooms have water, tile, piping, and electricity. These are all the right ingredients for a perfect haunt. We have yet to find a truly haunted location that the majority of activity doesn't happen in or close to a bathroom.

Can Spirits or Ghosts imitate a passed relative?
A ghost can't since it is basically a replay and has no human essence. Now a spirit of someone passed can and often do imitate a deceased loved one or friend. In fact this is so common that in many cases we need to convince the client to allow us to remove the spirit because of attachment to them. What better way to be accepted in a home then to look and or act like a loved one. Once you put out the welcome mat it is just a matter of time before they bring others with them. Your loved ones visit in dreams, they are not seen laying on a couch, smoking in the house, or pinching the kids because they must be doing something wrong.

Can animals be in spirit?
We like to avoid this question as much as possible just because. Here is our quick view on the subject. Yes and No. Yes, they can be a spirit in your home. No it is not their spirit.  It is believed that man is of special being and has a spirit. Animals do not have spirit by nature but energy. That energy is exchanged with your spirit (a delegate spirit) when you are close to a furry friend and they actually feel for you and know you better than most people. If they pass and you are not there to allow that energy or your piece of spirit to come back to you in some matter of time the spirit is not reclaimed thus the animal spirit. You could move into a house that has an animal spirit from the previous owner. They cannot be removed since they have nowhere to go. Just treat them like a pet by leaving out a bed or a toy so they can continue their own way and not bother you. They will not hurt you and sometimes will become attached to you just like your pet. You can tell who your spirit delegate is by watching your pets. Watch for the one that is first to meet you when you come home, or lay beside you when you are sick. The delegate can sense how you feel and read your moods because they are basically part of you.


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