If you are looking to be part of a fantastic team of individuals and willing to donate time helping on camera or in ministry contact: and note Job Opening Interest....

Camera Person: Must be able to hold a move and hold high end cameras for the length of an investigation contact us.

1. Preferred experience in camera effects and\or possible internship to get experience for classroom certifications.

2. Must be available for paranormal shifts on Friday and\or Saturday evenings for about 3-4 hours normally after 7:30pm.

3. Will be required to keep all client information confidential and will be required to sign a release waiver to join.

Ministry: The PAPS team deals with many strange and sometimes serious cases that can require a house cleansing. We do not deal in exorcisms or attachments to humans Period! We only investigate homes and businesses as a club that is interested in helping explain what is and is not considered paranormal. The majority of cleansings (at client request only) are referred out to a local church or participating ministries.

The PAPS team only investigate and will turn the ministry over to a qualified minister and\or church.  Ministers will only be allowed in the home when the team is present and\or at the request of the client. All clients will sign a waiver if ministry is requested immediately after the conclusion of the investigation.

1. Licensed in ministry is a must!

2. Association with a church is preferred but not a requirement depending on experience and references.

3. Ministers will deal with client's and should have a waiver of their own explaining not all cleansings are guaranteed.

If you are a pastor in a church and want to help others with support calls and\or inviting to a church we are happy to pass that along after we investigate..

              Job Openings

Thank you for your interest in one of the most well known teams in Arizona.