Rev. Dianne (Hope) DeNardo

"There is still a communication gap in the healing process of those left behind when a loved one passes on, and for those that passed on may become lost, attached, or maintain a randomly charged  spiritual activity that have manifested, so it is tracked and researched to determine the types of activity is occurring.
There is help to improve in one’s own spiritual awareness, or helping to understand the cultural diversity among belief systems as a process to complete healing of the self, families and other individuals in the community.  Consulting to advocate for your entire mind, body, spirit and soul healing IS available for you.
The goal is to work in collaboration with various organizations and affiliates for the spiritual and health needs for the purpose of the well-being of all individuals."
My goal as your dedicated priest, I advocate to support all families, spirits and our team, when I am with my team members of PAPS.  My goal is to provide through Cleansing, Blessings and Consecrations, is to create a positive and healthy living environment
 I work closely with PAPS that assist families, as well as bless, cleanse and consecrate areas of concern, as well as provide spiritual counseling and education."
Many Blessings
Rev. Dianne