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Where Demons Dwell

Where Demons Dwell

By: Rev. Mark T. Blachley


There has been interest in this area of paranormal phenomena, but also much ignorance as well. In this article, I want to convey the message of where demons have their abode or dwelling place. In many cases, a graveyard is a good place to start. Also, any places where a tragedy has occurred. The more horrific the tragedy, the higher the probability that there is a demonic element involved. If a horrific crime or murder has occurred on a property or building, it gives demons a right to hang around until they are driven out.


In many cases that I have encountered, the demonic entity was either asked or invited in by simply asking, or some occult practice was done on the premises to allow it in. But, they can also inhabit people, animals, places, and things such as occult emblems, books, pagan deities, idols, movies, music and of course games such as dungeons and dragons etc. Ouija boards are dangerous to use as it has the potential of opening a demonic portal into the place it is used in. I would strongly advise against using such things in any situation.


The earth plane in which we live here on the earth, is the main place you will find demonic entities. But, they have another abode in which many do not consider, which is in the heavens. The sphere of space or our atmosphere. This is where many principalities (High ranking entities) have set up their thrones and establish their rule. It is in this sphere that they make their plans and give instruction to lower ranking demons. The place where demonic entities have the most activity is in our realm on the earth. Not above it. It is on the earth that power can be exercised over them. Not in the heavenly realms. They do not belong here in this plane. This is where we have dominion. Not the other way around.


There are many places around the world where demonic entities have set up their thrones and rule with an iron fist. Most are in the eastern nations. In Calcutta India, they have many millions of gods that they worship. Many have come out of this type of worship to have demons exorcised from them only to reveal that the god they thought was a deity was actually a demon. In Singapore, worshippers there must pay respect to a powerful dignitary that is the spiritual ruler of the area before they can go to a temple and pray and worship another god. Demonic entities are jealous for power and control, and most of all, worship. There are many demonically inhabited nations and America is becoming this way more and more.


Not only do demons dwell over countries and nations but they dwell over cities as well. In places such as New York and L.A. where crime is very heavy it is easy to see the rule of darkness over a given area. In places where churches have less and less influence, crime, murder, theft, corruption, and evil will be most active. If you look at statistics of types of crimes that occur in different cities, for example, murder may be more common in New York than in San Francisco. By checking these statistics out, one can figure out just what kind of entities are most powerful in any given area. In some circles this is called spiritual mapping. You can actually find out what kind of spiritual forces are at work by what kind of activity takes place in a given area. Political corruption can also be evident in a demonically influenced city and we see this kind of thing all the time on the news. It is my belief that demons are behind many of the scandals we see today in government.


Throughout history, a story has been painted of how a demonic entity can control a nation and thus strike fear throughout the entire world. Hitler and Nazi Germany are one of many. In some places in Germany, Berlin and various other locations in its vicinity, you can hear what sounds like soldiers marching and giving orders. But no one is there. Places of tragedy give demons a right to hang around. Another example of nations that were used by demons was Napoleon. It was said of him that he had a madness like a dog. It can also be said of Hitler as well. The list goes on of course with Alexander the great, the Romans, The Egyptians and many, many others. In every case, the leaders seemed to have a type of madness or wicked obsession about taking over the planet. And not just take over the planet, but by the worst means necessary. Such behavior is not normal and is not of God. If it is an insane notion, then it has a high probability of being demonically inspired. Today, nations are still demonically controlled. Especially in the east. Many deities are very good at masquerading as genuine deities, but it is all a ploy to establish control. After all, that is why they do what they do.

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