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We are Arizona Ghost Hunters (PAPS)

A Phoenix based paranormal group that has many years of paranormal experience both personal and investigative. We are dedicated to helping others gain peace of mind by helping to explain what is and is not paranormal through use of modern techniques and documented evidence acquired during investigations. If you feel you have paranormal activity in your home or business please contact us for an investigation and validation in your claims. 

Our mission is to capture both video and audio signatures of a paranormal activity simultaneously to prove the existence of life after death. During this mission we hope that we can help others explain the strange things that are logical and those that are of the unexplained.

We are one of the oldest teams in the valley. We are here to help you so give us a call.

Do to overwhelming costs associated with equipment and travel we added this DONATION BUTTON for those who wish to contribute to the work we do. Our commitment to offer FREE services remains the same. Thank You for your help.
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